Loop brings convenience and profits to farmers' doorstep

Home pickups

Saves 4-8 hours per market trip for farmers who harvest multiple times each week

Cost Savings

Shared truck loads and optimised routing to market reduces per farmer cost

Digital Payments

Instant payments on market sale while building farmers' credit histories

Unlock new Markets

Discover best-priced markets with our transparent pricing data and trusted network of buyers

Farmers tell us how much harvest they want to sell the next day
Nearby right-sized vehicle collects multiple farmers' produce
Produce sold to traders at markets and farmers paid via mobile payments

Our learning algorithm gets smarter everyday

Smart Matching

of carriers, markets and buyers

Price Discovery

of vegetables across markets in network


vehicle fill & routing

We are a mission-driven team of engineers, analysts, designers and operators that has deployed agtech solutions used by over 2M farmers since 2006


Rikin gandhi

Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, Oracle, Microsoft Research, Digital Green

Aditya sethi

University of Waterloo,
Barclays Capital, TD Asset Management, Digital Green

Saureen Shah

Carnegie Mellon University, Early YouTuber, Co-founder/ CTO Instawork


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